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Find Stay tees at Revolt Style Studio and these other stockists

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Not only is Revolt Style Studio in York carrying a selection of Stay tees, but we popped up in front of the store for First Friday on July 5, 2019.

Not only is Revolt Style Studio in York carrying a selection of Stay tees, but we popped up in front of the store for First Friday on July 5, 2019.

This is how business deals ought to go down.

On June 20, I received this Instagram direct message from Jessica Weikert, the owner of Revolt Style Studio in downtown York. Mind you, I had only previously met her briefly when she stopped by a Stay pop-up appearance at Central Market in York.

“Hey! If you guys aren’t selling in any shops in York right now, I’d love to carry your York shirts,” Jess wrote.

I responded: “In fact, we aren’t and would love to team up.”

Jess replied, “Great!”

Exactly one week later, after a brief back-and-forth via email to work out terms of our arrangement, I delivered five of our tee designs to Revolt Style Studio, 26 N. Beaver St., which Jess immediately put on sale and promoted via her social media channels.

And 11 days after that, at Jess’ invite and as a way to demonstrate our partnership, the Stay tent was in front of Revolt Style Studio, in the middle of a closed-to-vehicular traffic Beaver Street, offering our tees to participants in downtown’s First Friday event.

I have visions of what Stay ultimately might become, but in the meantime we are blessed to have opportunities to pop up at area events and markets such as Market on Chocolate in Hershey, Harrisburg Flea, York Flea, Creatively Lancaster and Pop-Up Ave in State College. (Of course, we offer all of our products here on our website.)

Retailers such as Revolt Style Studio also are vitally important to us, at least as much for helping to get the Stay brand into the public as for selling quantities of our tees. We make less money with each tee sold this way, but retailers provide a great service by granting us access to their customers.

You can find the current roster of Stay stockists here.

Our arrangements vary with each retailer (in some cases they purchase, in others we consign), but the bottom line is that we’re eager to grow our existing relationships and to explore new opportunities. If you are interested in carrying Stay stuff, please send us an email at

Or you can do as Jess did and send us a direct message through Instagram (or Facebook). Our handle is @stayapparelco for each.

Find Stay at these local retailers

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Besides what we offer on our website and at pop-up events, Stay tees are available in limited selections at these local retailers during the holiday season:
    •    Knock Knock Boutique, 110 W. Chocolate Ave., Hershey
    •    Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society museum store, 40 Northeast Drive, Hershey
    •    Arthur & Daughters, 49 N. Beaver St., York
Our deepest thanks to them for supporting Stay, and to you for shopping local.